When in Boston, Pamper Yourself!

When in Boston, Pamper Yourself!

Whether you’re planning a weekend or a couple of weeks visiting the city, Boston can be hectic. With hundreds of historical sites and landmarks, there’s always something to see or do in this founding city. When you’re planning a day of shopping or touring, consider sliding in an hour or two at one of Boston’s fine salons to give yourself a bit of much needed rejuvenation!


Of course, in a city that’s close to 400 years old, there’s a vast assortment of ways to do this. Consider a manicure and pedicure combination as a mother and daughter bonding date, or maybe sneak away from the kids for a relaxing facial to clear your mind of life’s daily stresses. A new hair style or just a trim, or an entire makeover can be yours if you’re feeling a bit daring!

Aside from the standard services, think outside the box. You might be surprised at how affordable treatments such as electrolysis, waxing, eyelash extensions, and laser hair removal can be. As an extra bonus, you can check out deals and discounts on salons at Groupon.com before you go, and make your spa day much more affordable!

We’re not just talking for the ladies, either. Dads need pampering, too, and what could be a better example than taking your boys for a haircut and manicure? After all, guys need to learn good grooming too. What better time to have your beard groomed or that unibrow vanquished than on a visit to a Boston salon?

Whatever pampering you have in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect service at the perfect price in Boston. Form a spray-on tan to a Brazilian wax, there’s a service for every need. Why not come home from your vacation with a new hair color or style, so every one of your friends can exclaim over your new look?

So keep in mind, when you’re in Boston treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. Check out the services available, and schedule a facial or other salon treatment before you fill up your vacation time pounding the cobblestones from landmark to landmark. That way you can return home refreshed, instead of needing a vacation from your vacation!

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