Is it important to play with your kids?

Is it important to play with your kids?

Sometimes at the end of the day, when you arrive home from work, all you want to do is to put up your feet and rest for half an hour before having to do anything. So when your kids come and ask you to play with them or when they grapple you at the front door to ‘come play’, how do you respond?

Is playing with our kids really all that important? After all, they might have their brothers and sisters to play with, their friends and even the dog! Surely, time spent playing with your child can be time better spent on contacting clients before dinner, catching up on your social media, showering or even making dinner – or is it?

Playing is important to children

Playing is vital to the healthy upbringing of our children. It helps them to build a set of tools to successfully interact with their peers and with society as a whole. They learn how to give and take, how to win and how to lose gracefully, how to share and when it is important to stand up for themselves. Playing helps to keep our children’s brains active, to increase their motor skills, their hand to eye co-ordination and how to relate to others in a variety of different situations.

Playing with your kids is important to both of you

Of course, children can play with other family members and their brothers and sisters, but playing with a parent is completely different. A child’s relationship with their parent is like no other relationship they will ever have in their life, it is to be treasured and honoured.

Playing with your child helps them to learn more about you, about themselves and to really learn what is important in the world. Children copy their parents, so by playing with them you can teach your children about good family values as well. This is also one of the few times when you actually give your child your complete attention – and this is very important to their inner growth.

Playing not only increases our bond with our children, but it also helps us to chill out as well. Sometimes we forget about the little things in life, the simple pleasures and the way that children look at the world. Playing with your child can help you to see the world in a different light, to relax more and to really take a look at how you interact with the world yourself.

One of the easiest ways to play with your child is to use toys and to spend a quiet half an hour or so, living in a make believe world together. So, why not check out the different designs of doll houses in Harvey Norman and spend some quality time with your kids tonight?

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