6 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Team Sports

6 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Team Sports

Do hot dogs and baseball fields bring back nostalgic memories for you? If so, you may have spent your childhood involved in Little League or another team sport. Team sports are an invaluable pastime and beneficial task for kids of all ages. Included here are a few reasons to get your kids involved in a team sport.


Deal With Difficult

Everyone knows the real world can be more than little difficult at times; often due to the attitudes and personalities of people surrounding us. Team sports allow kids to learn how to adjust to difficult people; whether it be teammates, coaches or other parents. Your children will have plenty of experiences with difficult people as an adult, so learning how to adjust and acclimate as a child will give them tools for adulthood.


Perform Under Pressure

Working under pressure is one of the biggest demands in today’s corporate culture. Many adults suffer from daily stress at work and have to learn how to perform without cracking under the pressure. The skills needed for professional success are the same kind of coping mechanisms utilized when children are performing in team sports under pressure. The sooner they learn to adjust to stress and perform without cracking the better their results will be overall in life.


Learn Perseverance

They say “nothing good ever comes easy,” and this is no more true than in areas like children’s sports, music and academia. Children learn to persevere and stick to tasks when they play sports. This is a great skill that can be carried over to almost every other aspect of their lives. Success in a career, or a relationship, is dependent upon perseverance and the ability to stick out unpleasant aspects for the sake of a win.


Tune Out the Pessimism

Everywhere in life are people who will put you down. You will have people challenge your success, your worth and your inherent value as a person often. Learning as a child to tune out the pessimism and critics will help them find strength in themselves. Throughout childhood sports your kid will learn to overcome the critiques of other parents, other teams and even their own teammates.


Understand Others

Your child’s coach may be a tough cookie who is a little hard to read sometimes. This will allow your child to try to anticipate what the next move or step will be in a game before the coach has to spell it out. This is a critical skill to have in life and can turn your child into a self-starter and problem-solver.


Exercise Patience

In any group exercise there are going to be those who are the leaders and the followers. If your child is more advanced, they will have to learn to be patient with the underdogs and pull them up with them. Learning to lend a hand rather than leave behind is an important skill for all areas of life.

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