3 Family-Friendly Ways to Control Pests at Home

3 Family-Friendly Ways to Control Pests at Home

Sometimes, no matter how clean your home is or how careful you’ve been, you have to deal with pests inside your house. These pests can range from anything from mice and ants to scorpions and cockroaches. And while you likely want to get them out of your property as quickly as possible, you may want to slow it down and think about your strategies first, especially if you have pets or small children running around. To help you keep the unwanted rodents and insects out without harming your family, here are three family-friendly tips for controlling pests at home.

Keep Your Home Sealed

The best way to overcome your problems with pest control is to not need it in the first place. If you’re able to adequately prevent pests from coming into your home, the battle’s already won. To help with prevention, the Natural Resources Defense Council advises for homeowner to be vigilant in sealing your home from the outdoors. This includes using caulking to close up any holes that could lead inside, using screens on all doors and windows, and keeping tall items away from the outside of the house so nothing can crawl up them. By taking these defenses to seal your home from any outside invaders, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding pests all together.

Try Out the Traps

If you missed a few small areas of your home in your defense measures and got some pests on the inside, there are a few options for getting rid of problem, regardless of what types of pests you’re dealing with. One of the most non-toxic ways of getting rid of pests is to use some kind of trap.

According to Max Alexander of Prevention.com, most people who feel that traps aren’t effective for pests simply aren’t using enough traps. Alexander states that for rodents, the average home should have about twelve traps strategically placed along walls and under cabinets. And because traps usually don’t require the use of any poison—just regular old food or food-type solutions—they’re much safer for your family to be around.

Be Careful With Pesticides

The time may come where you feel that your problem is just too big for you to handle with traps alone. If this happens, there are ways in which you can use pesticides while still keeping your kids and animals safe from harm. According to Renee A. Alli, a physician contributor to WebMD, taking a few standard precautions when using pesticides can make all the difference for your family’s health. Some of these precautions include using premixed solutions, apply the pesticide to the smallest area possible, ventilating the room after using pesticides and more.

No one wants their home to be infested with bugs, rodents or other pests. However, there may come a time where your family’s safety trumps your need for seeking vengeance on your unwanted guests. When this happens, use the tips mentioned above to get rid of common household pests in a safe and effective way.

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