Why Love Can Fade – The Stages of a Relationship

Why Love Can Fade – The Stages of a Relationship

Romantic relationships seem to be one of the things almost everyone will involved in. Some people will only enter into a few of them before finding their perfect match. Others will pass through lots of relationship before hitting the jackpot. However, irrespective of the number and duration of relationships, certain stages are common to all successful relationships.

Stages of a Relationship

There are usually four stages common to every successful relationship. They are: The Honeymoon Phase: This is the phase when the couple first falls in love with each other. Falling in love is one most beautiful experience in the world. Couples really need to enjoy this beautiful experience at this stage of their relationship. They should remember this feeling because such memory will take them through the rough times ahead.

At this stage, the couple seems like a match made in heaven. Finally, they have found someone who connects and understands them. Each partner just can’t do anything wrong in the honeymoon phase. Their love for each other is so enormous that they overlook each other flaws. They can’t simply get enough of each other during the honeymoon phase. This is the most blissful part of every romantic relationship. They are in cloud nine at this phase.

why love fades

The Power Struggle Phase: Partners are brought back to earth from the cloud nine of the honeymoon phase. It is at this stage that both partners began to see each other negative traits. The partner that they thought was perfectly made for them now has lots of flaws. And funny enough, none of them bargain for this.

At this stage, partners start doubting their love for each other. They began to ask themselves if this was meant to be. Partners have different ways of reacting to this phase. Some react by creating arguments and rows, while others use more subtle methods like withdrawal and moodiness. The success of the relationship will be hugely dependent on how both partners deal with challenges at this stage.

The Dead Zone Phase: This stage occurs if the issues that arise in the power struggle phase are not thoroughly dealt with. The effect of the power struggle phase trickles down on the dead zone phase. At this stage, there is no emotional connection between the partners. The burning passion which each partner once felt for each other has fizzled out. Thus, they channel their energy into work and hobbies in a bid to cover up the disappointment of their relationship. Many unsuccessful romantic relationships usually end at this stage.

However, partners can decide to work on their relationship if they want to re-ignite the passion they once felt for each other. They have to sort out the differences in their relationship. Communication is key at this stage. Addressing the issues plaguing their relationship will make the couple reconnect emotionally. Successfully taking care of the challenges in their relationship will take them back on a journey to the honeymoon phase.

True Love and Companionship: Once all the issues that arise at the power struggle and dead zone phases have been fully addressed and the partners have rediscovered their lost emotional connection, they will be on a journey to true love and companionship. True love takes time to nurture. At this stage of relationship, the partners understand each other inside out. This stage is similar to the honeymoon phase. And it is wonderful stage of a romantic relationship.

Finding true is not an easy task. It requires lots of hard work on the part of the partners to take a relationship to the true love and companionship stage. However, partners can find out if they are meant for each other through certain means. Psychic readings, medium readings, and Tarot Reading are ways to find out whether you and your partner are meant for each other. These are ways of seeing things beyond the realm of the ordinary using extra-sensory senses. The future of a relationship can be seen using these means. Clairvoyant and psychic are trained for this purpose. Using these means might help couples to avoid unnecessary heartaches in the future.

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