Why food, romance and packaging supplies go hand in hand.

When it comes to a dinner date in a home environment we all know that the food isn’t the most important thing. The atmosphere and setting of a date have an even bigger effect on the mood and conversation than anything else so it is important to get things right. If you can’t go out to a romantic setting and your home doesn’t have the vibe you are looking for then have a go at some or all of these ideas and see if some cardboard boxes can help you make a truly romantic date.

if you have always wanted to take your date to somewhere romantic such as Venice or Rome why not create it in your very living or dining room. Move most of the furniture to the edges of the room and cover them in dark red or black material such as sheets or curtains. If you have some side tables place them around the edges of the room and if you don’t, use some cardboard boxes stacked and covered in sheets or table cloths instead. Use empty wine, alcohol or general glass bottles to wedge some candle sticks in – creating rustic candle holders and use these dotted around on the side tables instead of lamps or ceiling lights.

Move your kitchen or dining room table and some chairs into the centre of the room or if you don’t own an appropriate table fashion one from cardboard boxes also but ensure that you place some heavy books or weights at the bottom so they stay put. Use more makeshift candle stick holders or tea-lights on the table with a table cloth or sheet.

Using a TV or projector show an image or background video of your idyllic setting, these can be found on YouTube and places such as Venice, Paris and Rome are all highly appropriate. Another unexpected but equally simple idea that will also keep you from looking at your phone (which is never a good idea on a date) download the app ‘Pocket Particles’ that look like fireflies floating on your phone screen and then place your phone in the jar on a side table (make sure it is on silent) for an added effect. Add some authentic music and if you can add some background noise such as water lapping for the canals of Venice, a quiet city evening or the classic evening crickets.


This whole experience could be done outside in the summer by moving the table and chairs outside and placing the candles on the floor dotted around the table. If you have a washing line you could also hang up a white sheet to project the scene onto and put some strings of lantern lights up around the garden.


Even if you don’t attempt all of these idea’s with the help of some cardboard boxes, sheets and empty alcohol bottles you could have a romantic setting in your own home, the possibilities are endless. 

Written by Olivia Potts – Cat, packaging and craft lover. Author of Packaging Supplies

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