Where to Catch the Best Food in NYC

Where to Catch the Best Food in NYC

NYC is known for its iconic buildings, beautiful tourist attractions, rich and varied culture, and the lively night scene. But, another thing that is so great about New York is the food. You can find anything you want in the five boroughs.

Here are the top places you should go to to get a taste of the best food in NYC:


Where else can you find authentic Chinese dishes other than Chinatown? Chinatown is one of the oldest places in NYC where the highest concentration of Chinese ethnicities live. You can never go wrong when you wish to grab a little bite of some sumptuous Asian cuisine here.


When you hit SoHo in Lower Manhattan, you would never imagine that it was once one of the worst dilapidated areas of NYC. But, now, if you walk around the neighborhood, you can only see upscale boutiques and international outlet chains across the entire block. It also boasts several art galleries, making it one of the most vital cultural spots in the whole city. With the various inner-city regeneration, it successfully attracted numerous businesses to open up shop including numerous bakeries, pastry shops, Mexican eats, Russian bars, Italian bistros (which are known for their pasta dishes) and many more.

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side lies somewhere between Central Park and the Hudson River. You can’t miss it. It’s one of the most populated areas in the borough of Manhattan. It houses the wealthiest and the most affluent people. It’s reputed to be NYC’s cultural and intellectual hub. But it isn’t the only thing it’s known for.

The Upper West Side or UWS is lined with restaurants, bistros, and bars, especially along Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. You can find the trendiest places here, and you can discover every type of cuisine you can imagine. There are Japanese steakhouses, American diners, Mexican Grills and many more. Upper West Side restaurants will definitely satisfy any of your cravings.

Little Italy

Little Italy is a popular neighborhood in the Lower Manhattan area. There is a large population of Italian American families who live here. In the past, various eateries, restaurants, and stores existed and served Italian cuisine. Now, most of them are gone. But, there are still some left around the locale. You can munch on authentic Italian dishes in this part of the city. We’re talking about farm-to-table freshness that you can’t easily get anywhere else.


Midtown takes center stage when you’re looking for some of the city’s most Instagram-worthy eateries. From ramen houses to Korean BBQ grills, from traditional American steakhouses to Scandinavian restaurants – you will undoubtedly come back for more once you get a taste.

These are the places you should hit up if you are looking for the right restaurants to grab something fantastic to eat. There’s plenty of eateries to choose from, and you can take it one day at a time. So, do your best to enjoy and savor the many flavors you can try.



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