What Men Want: 5 Gifts They’re Dying For You to Get Them

What Men Want: 5 Gifts They’re Dying For You to Get Them

What Men Want 5 Gifts They're Dying For You to Get ThemWhether it’s Christmas, a birthday or anniversary, buying for your husband or significant other can be a major chore. In fact, many guys make the process even harder by saying they don’t want anything. This isn’t true, and it won’t help you find that perfect something, the one that lights up his eyes and causes him to crow with happiness. If you’re stressed about finding a gift he won’t return this year, try one of the following fantastic gifts that he’s secretly dying for, but forgot to mention.

An Adventure

Forget the tool kits, gift certificates and homemade sexy coupon books; your man wants an adventure for his present. Why not offer your sweetie a once-in-a-lifetime trip inspired by his personal interests? The nearly limitless options include a heart-pumping trip around a racetrack in a stock car, a leisurely weekend float on a cruise ship or a flying lesson in a plane or helicopter.

Gift of the Month Club

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving, and if you buy your guy a membership at a gift of the month club he’ll enjoy a new assortment of his favorite things every month for three, six, or 12 months. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the selection, but a few can’t-fail recommendations include beer, bacon and hot sauce.

The Survivalist

Does your boyfriend watch every episode of The Walking Dead? Does he obsess over the details in Game of Thrones? Perhaps he has a secret appreciation for the Hunger Games. Satisfy his inner warrior by buying him archery, fencing or shooting lessons, which develop a skill, provide exercise and fulfill a childlike fantasy, all in one epic present.

Total Indulgence

Some dudes don’t want a gift that makes them sweat, they want something that offers a relaxing, soothing and stress-free experience. Give your overworked honey a chance to unwind with a full-body massage. He can choose between deep tissue, Swedish and sports massages and give in to the luxury without ever admitting to his buddies it was his idea.

Tools of the Trade

If your hubby is more of a hobbyist then getting him the right tools for his trade is a great way to support his interests. Hunters, whittlers and craftsmen love Benchmade models for their quality materials and longevity, and they’re sure to delight any serious naturalist.

Buying your man an outstanding gift shouldn’t be difficult, even if he offers no help. Next time you need a gift, try one of these unique presents for guaranteed satisfaction.

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