Top Reasons to Have a Valentine’s Break in Wales

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner now, it’s already
too late for some of the necessary preparations, even if you always tend to
leave things until the very last minute. Many restaurants will be fully booked
up, it’s almost too late to have flowers ordered for delivery, and many of the
best gifts will have been snapped up. Also, if you’re leaving it this late,
it’s probably safe to say that you don’t have much time to put a lot of thought
into what you’re going to do.

It is definitely
too late to book a weekend break abroad. If you’re panicking right about now,
maybe you’re in luck – we’ve come up with a great solution. Wales. Hear us out
– it’s a great place, and it’s not all sheep and hills! Here are our reasons.


Okay, so this is hardly the most romantic of reasons to
decide to spend the weekend in Wales with your partner, but it’s the most
important one due to your leaving it so late! Take a comfortable road trip to
St. David’s land, or take the train if you can’t drive.

There’s another advantage in it being so close – pacing back
and forth in the departures lounge as you learn your flight has been delayed is
a bit of a romance killer, and being cramped on the plane for a few hours is
hardly going to improve things.

If you take the train, you can look forward to a scenic
journey, but if you decide to drive you can stop by a number of tourist
attractions, so the choice is up to you.

Romantic History

Believe it or not, but Wales has a long history utterly
drenched in romance. St. Dwynwen – also known as Donwenna, who was quite
obviously Welsh, just look at her name – is the patron saint of lovers (and
sick animals, but that’s another story).

Thought to have been a daughter of King Brychan, Dwynwen was
forbidden by her father to marry Maelon, the man she loved. She prays to forget
her love; this leads to Maelon drinking a potion and turning to ice. She then
prayed for him to be released and for God to look after all true lovers, before
retreating to Llanddwyn Island.

A romantic Welsh tradition is that of carving lovespoons.
These would be carved by men to show their crush exactly how much they loved
them. Although this is not as common any more, you can actually buy them
already carved to give them to your loved one. Lovely!


If you’re still looking
for some inspiration,
North Wales
is always a good choice. From the traditional pier at
Llandudno (not to mention the views from the Great Orme) to the beach at
Talacre, there are a thousand different destinations. Even a walk through
Snowdonia National Park (complete with picnic) would be perfect.

Wales has some fantastic restaurants, too – Tyddyn Llan in
Denbighshire offers amazing dishes like wild bass and laverbread, whilst The
Walnut Tree in Monmouthshire has a fantastic set lunch menu. Both of these are
Michelin starred eateries, so you know you’ll be getting something good.

And if you’re looking for something a bit unusual to spend
the weekend, try the Gypsy Caravan on the West Wales coast – an authentic
Romany Caravan in the middle of a wildflower meadow, sitting next to a river.
You can’t go wrong!

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