Tips For The Online Dating Game

Tips For The Online Dating Game

Whether you like the idea or not, online dating and the dozens of sites catering to it aren’t just a passing fad. Relationships aren’t a fad, and if they were we’d be in a lot of trouble. Online dating has made finding partners for those relationships easier and more accessible, so you’re not just prowling the town. Unfortunately, even without the ‘online’ part, dating can still end up being pretty harsh.


Online Variety

Unlike in person, where that cute/handsome person you meet at the bar might look perfect but hate everything you love, or even be of a totally different religion, dating online doesn’t have that problem as much. There’s the profile to read through first, which can give you an idea of the person, so long as you take everything with a pinch of salt, and also the site itself.


There’s a very large variety of dating sites available for seeking out that perfect partner, and I’m sure we’ve all gotten spam or seen ads for “married but looking” sites. When there’s even a dating site for farmers, there’s probably a niche for you if you wanna get specific.



When you register anywhere, whether it’s a forum, a dating site, social media, or work-related, that’s the first thing you work on. Unless you’re just going to lurk on a forum, you’ll be filling up that profile before you move onto other things. Now, dating site profiles are a little special. You can’t treat them like product descriptions, even though dating sites are essentially about “selling” yourself to potential “buyers”.


First, just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s that different from actual dating. You may know a little more about them before you (or they) initiate first contact, but that’s about it. Don’t obsess over their pictures or details in a way you wouldn’t in person. Online dating isn’t going to find your future spouse for you, but it will help to narrow down the possibilities. A real, in person date will tell you much more about them than their profile. And speaking of their profile, take everything said about themselves with a pinch of salt. When someone in person tells you they’ve got a great sense of humor, do you immediately believe them?



So you’ve got a date all set up, and the few messages sent or their profile didn’t set off any warning flags. Great, now time to find out if you’re ready for a second date or if you’re back on the hunt. Unless you’re totally new on the dating playground, in which case a variety of helpful (and not so helpful) advice can be found on the interwebs, you probably know when to ask for the check.


It can be different for everybody, and some reasons are just a matter of patience. Some people can’t stand the idea of dating someone who still lives with their parents, even though that’s fine as long as the person in question is actually capable of being independent. However, there’s also the crazy ex or three. Maybe you’ve even had one. In the worst of cases, legal help is needed for that special someone. And in case you married crazy, there’s always the next level of legal help.

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