Throwing a Sunday Brunch Party

Throwing a Sunday Brunch Party

Brunch is slowly becoming a regular part of many peoples weekend routines. For most working people its difficult to get a day off, or the chance to wake up that little bit later. On weekends, especially on Sunday, its common for most people to wake up just before midday and when this happens the first meal of the day is brunch. In times gone by only the well off were able to enjoy brunch and due to working routines, most traditional blue collar workers, saw brunch as a unnecessary meal. With changing times brunch is gaining in popularity and its now quite normal for you to throw a Sunday Brunch party. If you are interested in throwing a Sunday brunch here are some tips to help.

Get Creative With Your Invitations 

Once you’ve decided on the date of your brunch party the first the step is to get the invitations sorted out. There are lots of different designs and styles you can go for, and the invitation is a great way to set the theme and tone of the party. Hand written invites tend to indicate an intimate more close affair, while printed invites give the impression of a modern contemporary gathering.

Choosing the Menu

Getting the menu right is often one of the hardest aspects of planning a brunch. Due to the fact its a cross between breakfast and lunch it can be tricky balancing the menu between both meal types. People tend to fall into two categories of people at brunches, those that the really appreciate a healthy, full breakfast and those who see lunch as the more important meal. To make sure both groups are satisfied choose a wide variety of foods, and ensure any food served is comfortable being sat out in room temperature for a couple of hours. Breakfast rolls and croissants are always staples on the brunch menu and experiment with cesar salads and panini wraps for those who are more interested in the lunch menu.

The Decor

A big part of a successful brunch is the setting. Brunches are often informal affairs but are filled with style and elegance. Delicate cake stands add class to a room, traditional tea trays make great serving accessories and decorative cloths, napkins and flowers can be used to finish the room too. Brunch decor is not expensive and generally all that’s required to create a beautiful room is a little imagination and attention to detail.

Brunch is rapidly becoming a favorite meal for a lot of us and hopefully our tips will help you throw the perfect brunch party.

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