Three Things To Start Doing Even Before Your Baby Arrive

Three Things To Start Doing Even Before Your Baby Arrive

There are some things you do to prepare your nest when you have a baby on the way, and there are some things you wait to do until baby is already here. However, some parents don’t account for how busy they will be when baby is here.

Before you end up staying up late, getting no sleep, changing too many diapers and always cleaning up spit up, you may want to get a jumpstart on some of those things you’d normally wait to do.

Here are some things that you should do before baby arrives, as well as some that you may have normally waited to do until you brought your baby home, but should get a head start on nonetheless.

Make Sure You Have Everything Baby Needs

There are so many things a new baby needs. From diapers to formula, you definitely need to have a list and you need to get these things ahead of time.

It can help to go subject by subject so that you don’t forget anything. Start with what baby needs to wear. You’ll need diapers and onesies, you’ll need socks and hats.

Baby needs to eat, so you’ll need bottles and a breast pump. And what about mommy? You may need special bras too?

On top of all of those things you need a bed for baby, a changing table, a baby monitor so you don’t always have to be in the same room. baby needs blankets and toys.

The list goes on.

Babyproof The House

Don’t wait until your baby is already crawling and exploring to babyproof your house. Get on that before baby even comes home. By the time they are moving you’ll be too busy chasing them and taking photos to get any real work done.

There is babyproofing to do in every room of the house. You want your baby safe from getting burnt or hurt in the kitchen. You don’t want them playing in the toilet. You want padded table edges so there are no bruised heads.

Again, you’re going to want to make a list of all the safety issues in your home for your baby and get that proofing done ahead of time.

Pick Your Pediatrician

Don’t wait until you’ve had your little bundle of joy before finding a perfect pediatrician. You’re going to have to find someone that works with your insurance and that is accepting new patients. That means giving yourself time to research. You’re going to want to find the doctor that will be your baby’s guide to growing up healthy no later than 6 months before your due date. This way if you have any issues right off bat you are all set.

It can also help to take some time to meet with your chosen doctor ahead of time and talk to them about any questions or concerns you may have. Bringing a new baby into the home is a joyous time. be prepared ahead of time so you can focus on that enjoyment and not be rushing around to get all that last minute stuff done!

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