Thoughtful Consideration of the Female Libido

Women of all ages can be affected by a decreased libido. Whether it’s due to menopause,
general lack of health or emotional issues, a decrease in the female sex drive
is a common complaint. It can be less straightforward to deal with than a lack
of libido in the male, but a number of remedies are available.

The first step in treating low libido is to look for a physical cause. In
addition to menopause, both low iron and thyroid conditions can lead to a lower
sex drive in women. A number of treatments are available for various physical
causes, and a woman should work with her physician to determine the best
solution. In post-menopausal women in particular, various hormonal therapies
may or may not be effective or appropriate.

Even if a physical cause is found to be one underlying problem, a number of
other issues may also affect a woman’s sex drive. It’s important to keep in
mind that just because a woman is menopausal doesn’t mean menopause is the main
culprit. Physical health is closely related to the sex drive.

General good health and emotional health are also tied together. Sometimes
people do not take care of themselves physically because they are depressed,
and other times poor nutrition, lack of exercise and other lifestyle issues can
contribute to depression itself. All of these are linked to a decreased sex
drive in women.

Exercise can be one of the most important factors in increasing physical health
and lifting depression. Some studies have shown exercise to be as effective as
medication for mild to moderate depression. Exercise also can increase libido
because it makes one feel better about one’s body.

Eating right is another component of good physical and mental health. A healthy
varied diet with fewer processed foods is generally a good approach.
Individuals can experiment with more or less protein, carbohydrates and other
food combinations to see what works best for their bodies.

Lack of sleep is an underrated libido killer, and this can affect everyone from
new parents exhausted by the demands of a newborn to women who later in life
are balancing a career and family obligations. Sleep may seem like the first
thing that can be sacrificed in such a case, but in fact, sleep makes people
both more efficient and effective. It’s not uncommon for sleep to look far more
attractive than sex for exhausted women.

Women’s decreased sex drive can also be linked to problems in the emotional
state besides depression. Conflict with a partner can easily lead to a lack of
desire, and good communication with a partner is important. General stress can
be an issue as well. In addition to tending to physical health in the ways
mentioned above, women may find that indulgences such as massages or treatment
such as talk therapy can aid in reducing stress and increasing the female libido .

While identifying the cause and treatments of decreased libido for women may be
more difficult than doing the same for men, women who are unhappy with their
sex drives can take steps to increase it.

Lou Hobbs is a dedicated health and wellness researcher and author. With
over 10 years of experience, Lou has made it his life’s goal to discover
products that can improve the lives of other people.
When John is not researching a new health related product such as female libido supplements , he enjoys spending time with his family in the Idaho wilderness.

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