The Art Of Sending The Right Card

It’s always nice to get a card, it shows that the person has remembered your special day or that they think enough of you to include you on their greetings card list. However, we can all tell when the card has either been bought from the petrol station on the way or is part of a card box. We can also tell when some thought and care has been taken over the selection of the card, especially the card verses.
There are times when a blank card or a plain ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ will do just fine. In fact, if they are not close friends or family, it is best to keep the message simple and to the point. However, there are times when you want to convey something a little extra.
Sending cards as a way of sending a special message or commemorating an event or occasion has been a tradition for centuries. There is evidence that the Chinese and the Egyptians sent greetings on papyrus and the Germans sent hand carved, wooden New Years cards as early as 1400. In those days however, it would have only been quite an expensive and extravagant gift to be exchanged amongst the rich.
You could argue that we have come a long way since then or perhaps you are of the opinion that we have lost the idea of the personal message of a card. Card verses can say something special, particularly if they are chosen carefully or even composed especially for the person in question. Cards can be used to say all kinds of things including ‘Sorry’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’ or even ‘I Love You.’ If you have something special to say and you want to really personalise your card, why not make your own card and write your own verse. You can think of something yourself or choose some popular piece of poetry to convey your feelings. Whatever words you decide to include in the card there’s no doubt that the recipient will be pleased you’ve included a personal touch. It’s easy to see that card making is now very popular and you will find kits in craft shops or online.
So, whether you make the card or buy it off the shelf, make sure it says what you want it to say. Make it something special that a loved one will want to keep and not recycle a week or so later.

Ashleigh Price is a crafting expert who makes her own greetings cards as well as soft furnishings. She regularly writes for crafting magazines and uses products from websites such as

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