The Art Of Gift Giving: Romance Special

Giving a gift isn’t just about going to a shop and finding something that the object of your affection likes, wrapping it up and handing it over at an appropriate moment. Oh no. There’s an art to it and if you want to impress a potential or existing partner, then here are a few ways to ensure you do exactly that.

Think About It

Impressing with a gift is going to take more than picking up flowers from the garage on the way home from work. That’s a fact. You need to tune yourself in and not just to the not so subtle hints that are quite often dealt out. The thing is buying something that somebody has told you they really want isn’t actually that impressive. Yes, it’s appreciated, but you’ve not really had to think.

Start looking to see what they’re into. What do they always read about, what do they watch, what takes their interest. The unexpected gift they really want is not easy to pull off, but it is so good when it works.

Put In The Effort

This is a continuation of the thinking process, once you’re beginning to form some ideas it is unlikely that it’ll be as simple as nipping down the shop. For example if your beau is always reading about Spanish culture, you shouldn’t be thinking Sombrero but along the lines of a weekend to Barcelona, Spanish language lessons, a meal out at a particular groovy Spanish restaurant, maybe even doing a Spanish night in your own pad. It’s going to take research and preparation, so get involved and do it. You won’t regret it.

Make It Special

Don’t be meek about it either, go all out. Commit to it and show that you’re intention is to make this gift special. Make it mean something. There is no point going to all this effort if you intend to play down the significance of what you’re trying to achieve. And we don’t mean carrying on about how brilliant what you’ve done is, it’s more about letting them see the reasons why you’ve done it and that they realise you genuinely hope they love it.

Enjoy It

Celebrate it. Don’t worry about it. Don’t start freaking out about whether it’s the right thing to do, just let it be. As with the examples above and being the significant other it’s quite likely that you’ll be involved in the gift, not just providing it and presenting but enjoying it with the recipient and that’s exactly what you should do. Take pleasure in their pleasure and have an awesome time. You’ve done something awesome for someone you love, that’s cool. Revel in it!

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