Pigmy Hedgehogs And Bonsai Trees – Gifts For The Lady

If you have either a girlfriend, a lover, a wife or a pet horse that you are particularly fond of then it’s a good idea to show her how much you care by procuring some kind of Valentine’s Day gift for her.

In terms of sound economics, the chances are that if you buy your girlfriend, your lover or your wife a gift then you will also receive one in return; thus you stand to gain a similar kind of financial return on your initial outlay of finance.

Be warned however, that horses lack even the most rudimentary abilities to shop for gifts, let alone wrap them and the chances are that if you buy a Valentine’s Day gift for your horse then it is highly unlikely that you will receive one in return.

Black Roses

Ideally, any kind of gift that you are thinking of buying for your loved one on should have some symbol of romance attached to it. Classic items that have historically come to embody the spirit of romance include dark chocolate, white chocolate, red roses, white roses, purple roses and yellow roses.

Do not under any circumstances buy your love interest black roses. Black is the symbol of death and therefore is deemed to be bad luck in many cultures. Therefore your partner may take black roses as being representative of the death of your relationship and this is the last thing that you’ll want to have to deal with on Valentine’s Day. Bear in mind however, that buying black roses for a horse is fine as they will not be aware of any cultural connotations associated with colours of any kind.

Some Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Aside from chocolates and roses of varying colours there are numerous other options available to you if you are in need of some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Other clear indicators of romance tend to involve pink and red things.

Therefore, if you can happen to lay your hands on some pink and red things that are also fluffy then this will further strengthen the romantic symbolism of your gift. Finally and this is a big ask, if you can actually manage to obtain a gift that is red or pink and fluffy and shaped like a heart then you have more or less found the perfect signifier of romance.

Yes, Yes; But I’ve done all that before!

What’s that you’re saying? You’ve already brought your loved one something red and fluffy and shaped like a heart two years ago!

Well, firstly, congratulations on sustaining your love for your partner for so long; the majority of relationships tend to last approximately six months and after that a mutual realisation occurs on the part of both parties as they gradually begin to realise that they are not meant for each other. But enough about that! It’s all Bah Valentine’s Day Humbug! Because if you’ve been with your partner for longer than six months the chances are that you’ll have a great future together. On the downside however, this also means that you will continually have to re-invent yourself when it comes to thinking up of Valentine’s Day gifts for her each year.

Impress Her with Your Continual Gifting Innovation

Apart from good looks, charm, money, kindness, intelligence, consideration, attentive love making skills and a sense of humour, nothing impresses a woman more than the ability to continually surprise her with an original gift.

So rather than bore your love-squeeze every Valentine’s Day with the same old kind of heart-shaped, fluffy tosh it’s going to be a good idea if you get her something original like a bonsai tree or a pigmy hedgehog. Remember though, bonsai trees and pigmy hedgehogs are for life and not just for Valentine’s Day.

Right, I’m Not Going to Get Her a Bonsai Tree or a Pigmy Hedgehog!

Why not? You could create a miniature forest scene. What’s that you say? The pigmy hedgehog wouldn’t be to the same scale as the bonsai tree and it would look like there was a massive hedgehog roaming around the woods? Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that. Well, what’s probably best for you is that you cater your romantic gift to your lady friend’s hearty desires. Yeah, do that as it actually makes more sense.

Sam Mulder is a hopeless romantic who has hopelessly fallen in love with many women in his time. As such, if you have a ‘Her’ in your life then he is very well placed to offer you advice about buying Valentine’s Day gifts for her. In his spare time he also likes to cultivate bonsai trees and breed pigmy hedgehogs for profit.

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