Online Dating Profiles Deciphered

Online Dating Profiles Deciphered

More and more of us are turning to online dating to find love, but with this influx of profiles comes and influx of exaggerations and downright lies! It’s harder than ever to decipher dating profiles and it soon seems like adult dating sites are the most honest!

Well, fear not! We are on hand with some tips that will help you decipher those profiles and avoid the toxic ones!!

A photo speaks a thousand words

It really does! For example; if you come across a profile where the guy is wearing a hat in every single photo it’s pretty safe to assume that he is bald, and upset about it! Do you want to date a guy with insecurities?
Equally, if a guy poses in front of sports cars it’s highly likely that he is trying to compensate for something. And the car isn’t his.

Funny man

If a guy uses his profile to tell potential dates just how funny he is, you can bank on the fact that you’ll be spending your entire date courtesy laughing. The self-proclaimed funny man usually only seems funny to himself.

Simple profile

Steer clear of profiles that use the words ‘I’m not good at talking about myself.’ If this guy can’t come up with a few lines of text about himself you can pretty much guarantee he won’t have anything interesting to say in person either.

Even worse still is the sentence ‘if you want to know something, ask’ – this guy is on that site casual sex.

Soul mates

‘Looking for a soul mate’ just isn’t something a guy would write on a dating profile. Unless they are a stalker. This sort of pressure is not good for first dates!


Uh oh, unfortunately, if a guy says they are of average weight or average height this usually means he is fatter than average and shorter than average. As a general rule, take any measurements with a pinch of salt.

Family oriented

Although this lovely and everyone should think family is important, on a dating site this can be a warning late – your guy might have Mummy issues and you just don’t need to be dealing with an over protective Mother.


Every girl likes an entrepreneur but if your date says he is self-employed, double check he is actually working before you let him into your home as he could just be looking for his next meal ticket.

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