Must-Have Items To Pack For Your First Couples Holiday

Must-Have Items To Pack For Your First Couples Holiday

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Along with meeting the parents; the first family dinner and handing him the key to your flat, that first trip as a couple stands as yet another milestone in your relationship. Whether it’s a dirty weekend city visit, or a stomp around some National Trust beauty-spots, here are a few choice items you’ll thank yourself for packing later!

Mini Toiletries

Don’t clog up your bag with the boring stuff! If you’re organised enough you can buy miniature travel bottles and decant your shampoo, face wash and shower gel into them. If you’re like me and have a habit of forgetting these things; drop into a department store and in the nicest way possible ask for little samples to take away. Whatever you do, remember to take your skincare routine away with you! If your skin is used to being cleansed, toned and moisturised, don’t deprive it for a weekend of fancy-free frolicking! It also helps to invest in a few multi-purpose products so you don’t end up with a bag full of miscellaneous bottles.

Emergency Supplies

I have a little ‘just in case’ kit which has come on holiday with me for the past three years; which holds things like plasters, anti-diarrhoea tablets and hand sanitiser. Be sure to include painkillers for the morning after the evening of over-indulgence; and a good book for any flight delays!

What To Wear?

Try to pack as light as possible – no more than two pairs of shoes, ladies! One pair for evening and one for daytime should suffice. Pick out some garments that you know he likes to see you in and obviously check the weather forecast before you get there. There’s nothing worse than turning up with a suitcase full of wool to find unexpected blinding sunshine. Designer sunglasses are a must on any vacation, for a stylish alternative to squinting your way through bright days.

Tech Toys

Be sure to capture your adventures the old fashioned way – by taking a camera along for the ride! Try to ditch your laptops and tablets because they’ll only serve as distractions. Nothing says special memories like a reel of perfectly captured moments which can serve as little reminders of your time on holiday. It’ll also result in good quality and high resolution images unlike your standard phone camera; which can be blown up and printed should you decide to do so.

What are your suggestions for packing successfully before a weekend away with your partner? Share your comments below!

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