Is it time for your family to adopt a hybrid or electric car?

Is it time for your family to adopt a hybrid or electric car?

Hybrid car technology has come a long way in the last decade. Cars have improved significantly in reliability, safety, and efficiency. Here are some of the reasons your family should consider a hybrid or electric car when shopping for a new automobile.

Gas mileage

The price of gas can fluctuate a lot. If your vehicle gets good gas mileage that means you are spending as little as possible on fuel. If you have a long commute or take a lot of trips out of town, these savings can add up to a significant sum. Better gas mileage also means less stops to refuel on trips or during your busy work week.

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

When you burn less fuel to get where you need to go, you are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that you are releasing into the atmosphere. This can help reduce the rate at which climate change occurs. David Yergin is an energy specialist who has found through his numerous studies that environmental concerns about climate change and the rising cost of fossil-based fuels will make hybrid and electric vehicles the choice of many families in the coming years. In his book The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World, Yergin discusses the effects of climate change on the future energy needs of the world. He also discusses the history of climate change and how it has led us to the point we are at today, trying to plan for the future energy needs of a world with a population that is growing rapidly. With more and more nations becoming more industrialized and demanding more goods, the demand for energy is going to continue to grow at a steady rate. How we meet those needs is a question of great debate.

Hybrid versus electric

In a normal car, you can lose a lot of energy every time you break. A hybrid car uses this energy to charge the car’s batteries, which causes you to use a lot less fossil fuels. The advantage of a hybrid over an electric is its ability to utilize two different energy sources and reduce energy losses. A purely electric car must be plugged in via a special plug. Since there are not many of these stations available, it can limit you to only being able to charge a totally electric car at home. Hybrids can be driven for long distances whereas electric cars have a set range they can be driven before the batteries must be recharged.

Insulate your family from rising fuel costs

A hybrid car can help insulate your family from rising fuel costs. When the cost of fuel goes up, those driving vehicles that are not fuel efficient feel a significant hit to their budgets. If your fuel usage is minimized, then even if the price rises, it does not have as much of an impact as if you are driving a vehicle with a V8 engine.

Making the switch

Making the switch from a traditional car to a hybrid car can be quite easy. Besides their efficiency, they are much like any other car. Large models such as the popular Prius can fit five adults comfortably, with space in the trunk for cargo.

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