How To Handle Being Dumped On Facebook

How To Handle Being Dumped On Facebook

However, it is still a shock and unacceptable that your ex has done this. Here’s how to cope with Mr or Miss Narcissistic and their Facebook method of public dumping.

  • Do not defriend your ex immediately – but do hide their news feed so you are not tortured further by their enormous ego.
  • Be careful how you respond to their post dumping you – adding a witty comment like “And your point is?” or “You must have read my mind – at least you have some talents” will help you save face. However, it might be best just to delete the post and not respond, leaving them in doubt as to how the post has been received by you.
  • Never post anything abusive, threatening or which you might regret on Facebook – or upload intimate videos in revenge or stalk an ex or their new partners online as all of these could get you into trouble with the law.

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