Home Improvements You Can Do With The Kids

Home Improvements You Can Do With The Kids

When it comes to improving your home, if you have kids they just might be thrilled to help out. Children enjoy doing hands on things, and there is nothing more hands on than home improvement projects.

What they can help with will really depend on their age and abilities, but there are some things kids of nearly any age can do. Here are some way to get your kids to help out.

They Might Make Great Painters

If your child is old enough to hold a paintbrush and follow directions, they might make a great painter. Start by showing them how you want it done. Then watch them to begin with and give pointers.

If you are doing any specialized painting, like using sponges for effects, your kids will be sure to love doing that. Show them what you want done and leave them to it. This can free you up for some less child friendly projects.

Have Them Help Pick Things Out

When it comes to putting in new appliances, furniture, picking paint colors or even deciding on new carpet style and colors, let your kids help make decisions. Give them a vote when it comes to what the house will look like. They’ll really love having a say.

If you are doing work on their rooms, let them pick the style of ceiling fan they want or what color they want the walls to be. If they pick something crazy, or too expensive, you can work out a compromise with them.

Where Will The New Things Go?

Another easy way to involve kids in your home makeover is to let them help with the design and placement. Don’t just let them pick out colors or drapes, but also let them decide where the TV will go, or where the new couch will go.

Your child has a different sense of space than you do and they may find a way to make your space look bigger just by using their talent of fitting more into a small space (look at your child’s room and all the stuff they cram in there).

Most importantly, you need to make sure that it is fun for kids, they get bored easily. By allowing them to help out and to have a say in some of the changes that are being made they will feel a sense of accomplishment, and they will also get some good bonding time with you.

Your child may also find an idea for a future career in helping out. Maybe they’ll enjoy painting so much that they want to do that for a living. Or maybe you’ll find they have a great eye for colors and decor and you can help them hone those skills for a future career.

At the least, you’ve had a chance to spend some great quality time together while working on an important project, together.

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