Four Tips On Organizing Your Closet

Four Tips On Organizing Your Closet

Ever open the door to your closet and think you’re having a nightmare? Closets can be one of the worst rooms in any home if you don’t have it properly organized. This isn’t about that junk closet where you stuff old sports gear, this is about the one filled with clothes you can never find and things you never wear.


Implement An Organization System


Even if you have a small closet you can still find clever ways to organize it. Clothes closet don’t actually have to be “actual” closets. You can turn a small room that has been going unused into a walk-in closet, if you have the clothes to warrant it.


Whether your closet is a closet or a room, you can implement closet organizing systems that add more places to hang items, racks for shoes and more. They key is to utilize the shelving and hanging space and not just toss your clothes wherever.


Buy The Right Hangers


Using the right hangers for the clothes that you have can also be very useful in keeping your closet clean and organized. Hangers made with grips can help hold up sweaters and wider necked shirts. Use layered pant hangers for opening up more hanging space and keeping your clothing more organized.


Know What To Fold And What To Hang


You don’t need to hang everything that goes in your closet. With a closet organizer system you don’t even need to worry about having room for a dresser, since you can fold and stack items on shelves right in your closet.


You don’t want to fold items that are easily wrinkled, but you don’t need to take up hanging space with items that can easily be folded and don’t have a chance of wrinkling. Fold jeans and leggings, but hang sweaters to save shelf space.


Get Rid Of What You Don’t Wear


Another great way to keep your closet organized is to get rid of items that you don’t wear. While there are many tips and tricks out there for people with too much clutter, the best clutter hack for a closet it a fairly simple one.


Simply hang all of your hangers up backwards, and as you wear and wash and hang clothing back up, hang them correctly. Mark your calendar for six months from the day that you reversed your hangers, and at that date pull all the items on hangers that are still backwards. Donate them.

You can have a clean and organized closet, even if you are a clothing addict. There are always ways to make more clothing fit in your closet and still be cared for. You just need to make sure each item has a home, and that it goes there when it’s not in use!

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