Four Reasons Learning Music Is Important For All Ages

Four Reasons Learning Music Is Important For All Ages

Everyone loves music, but there is a difference between listening and playing. Both can lift your mood and your spirits, but learning to play an instrument can do so much more for you. When most people listen to music they don’t realize all the benefits it has for the people that are making that music.


Playing music, for children, can help with development and make them even smarter. Adults can benefit from the power of playing music as well, as you will find out as you keep reading. It’s truly amazing what learning to play an instrument can do for people of all ages.


Increase Your Memory


Old or young, learning how to play an instrument can increase your ability to remember things. Studies have shown that people that practice music on a regular basis actually change the shape of your brain and even how much power your brain has. Increasing the power of your brain can do so many things for you.


There are many reasons why music and band in school are beneficial to student. Even learning to play piano as a child has been shown to increase spatial-temporal skills in children that practice weekly. This helps with your ability to problem solve.


Helps With Language Development


Children that study music and practice on an instrument tend to have larger vocabularies than those that don’t. It can even help increase the vocabulary of adults. Not only does music increase vocabulary, but it also increases the ability to work andcommunicate with others.


Increases Your IQ


The increase in vocabulary may be part of the reason why it seems that learning to play an instrument can also increase your IQ. Studies showed that students taken weekly music lessons increased their IQ by three points. In order to find out if it was an arts thing or not, drama students were also tested, but found no increase in their intelligence.


Helps With Concentration


It takes a lot of concentration in order to learn to play an instrument, so it makes sense that learning to play would increase your concentration. Not only will you learn to concentrate more playing on your own, when you play in a group you will increase it further since you need to concentrate on what you are doing as well as what they are doing.

There are many other reasons you should take the time to learn an instrument, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Piano is probably one of the most popular lessons to take, and it’s fairly easy to find a teacher, for both adults and children. Learning to play will take some time, but once you’ve got it down it can be very relaxing and fun.

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