Don’t Divorce Before You&hellip

Don’t Divorce Before You&hellip

Think About Who Else You Decision Effects

Although it is true that you and only you can make the decision of whether you want a divorce or not, there will ultimately be other people that are affected by this. Children are the most obvious ones as they often bear the scars of their parents’ relationship breakdown for the rest of their lives. Obviously you shouldn’t stay together purely for your children’s sake, as this can also cause problems, but at least think about how it is going to affect their lives.

Way Up The Costs

If you have to resort to getting a divorce then you are going to have to hire a divorce solicitor. Therefore you might want to way up the cost of this against the cost of getting some marriage counselling for you and your partner. It will often prove more cost effective to take part in a few sessions before you shell out money for something that could have been avoided.

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