Don’t Divorce Before You&hellip

Don’t Divorce Before You&hellip

Think Back

For every couple there will ultimately be a reason why you got together in the first place and the key is to try and rediscover this. There may be a place that you used to go a lot when you first got together or an activity that you used to do together but don’t so much anymore. Use these to attempt to recapture some of the magic you once shared. A lot of people cite the reason for their divorce as the fact that the relationship ‘is not like it used to be’. Well think back to what first brought you together and try and reinvigorate your relationship.

Write It Down

When communication breaks down between two people that love each other, it can be hard for them to vocalise their feelings to one another. To help this, why not write down all the things that you want to change in the relationship, without being overly critical, and then ask your partner to do the same. Once you have written these down it will be easier to try and broach the subject of talking about them. Make sure you go into this exercise with an open mind though.

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