Dating Tips for Men: Five Things That You Must Do on a First Date

A first date can go either way, good or bad. It is one of those occasions where the flow of things is completely in your hands. By taking care of a few points, you can make your first date memorable and increase your chances of securing another meeting.

Given below are five things you must do on a first date in order to make a place in her heart.

Dress Up Nicely

It is important to look good and presentable when you go for a first date. The person you will be spending time with would expect you to come prepared. Do not go for a heavily formal or awkwardly informal look.

You should dress up in something that makes you feel comfortable while looking classy at the same time. It is not a good idea to wear something that may make you feel uncomfortable, no matter how good you look in it.

Additionally, pay attention to other details including accessories. Lastly, make sure you smell good. This is a very important point that shouldn’t be neglected.

Buy a Present

A gift may be cute or creepy, depending on several things including the nature of the gift and the likes and dislikes of the person you are giving it to. Small gifts, such as chocolates and a flower, are okay for a first date. However, one should stay away from big gifts such as a bouquet or a ring because it may give wrong signals and hamper your chances.

Let Her Speak

It is very important to make the other person feel comfortable by giving her a chance to speak. Blabbering nonstop or joking about things that make no sense is not a very good idea. It may actually put off your date and ruin an otherwise perfect evening.

One should keep everything in balance. It is important to put in a dash of humor in the conversation without going over the top or sounding sinister. Additionally, the conversation should flow smoothly. If things start getting uncomfortable, it is better to change the topic and move on. Topics such as london escorts and past relationships should be avoided.

Be Gentle and Sweet

If you want to make an everlasting impact then you should be gentle and sweet to her. Every girl likes to be treated like a princess. The girl would come with some expectations and you should try your best to fit the bill.

Some simple things like asking her to select the food as per her likes, controlling the tone of your voice, and paying the bill makes a lot of difference. The key lies in understanding the girl you are with and then doing things accordingly. It is important to understand that people are different and one trick will not work on everyone.

Have Mutual Consent

Everything should flow smoothly with mutual consent. If you enjoy the first date and want the relationship to continue then you may ask the girl for another date. However, this should be done in a respectful manner without looking desperate.

Additionally, the girl should never be pressurized into accepting your offer. Many girls feel uncomfortable during such situations. It is important to handle things like a gentleman. Giving subtle hints is a good thing, such as exchanging numbers, dropping her home or planning a future meeting seamlessly.

The next meeting may be enough to give her the signals. If you think the relationship has a chance, you may ask her for dinner, but if you want to go slow then coffee would be the best option.

Following these simple tips will not only make your first date worth cherishing, but will also increase the chances of securing another date.

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Harry Wilson is a dating expert who provides dating tips. He believes it does not matter whom you are dating – London escorts or CEOs – you need to be gentle and right in your approach.

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