Choosing the perfect protein powder for you

Choosing the perfect protein powder for you

So, you have decided to choose the healthy lifestyle. Congratulations! With the right exercise and a well-balanced diet, you will be able to achieve your ideal weight in no time. For those who want to do more than simply lose weight and build muscles along the way, they may have to include protein shakes or drinks into their intake regimen. There is a variety to choose from, however, for a beginner it may seem a lot to digest on the first go. Fortunately, the different kinds of protein powder from Supps R Us are classified as such so you know immediately what you need and what will help you.

The first step, of course, is to know which one will work best.

There are protein powders classified into types.

  • Whey protein works for most people because of its over-all taste, quality, and cost. On top of that, it also helps boost the immune system. It is further classified into Concentrate and Isolate, with the latter being thinner in consistency because of the virtual absence of fat.
  • Casein or Milk Protein is pretty much the same as whey with the only difference as the latter is absorbed more quickly by the digestive system while the former is slowly but steadily.
  • Plant proteins would be best for the vegetarians as they are purely derived from soy, rice, or pea. Soy protein is by far the most popular among the rest. It has, however, an unpleasant taste that is difficult to mask with any flavour or sweetener.
  • Beef protein is starting to gain popularity among those who don’t want milk or plant-based protein. Bodybuilders and athletes prefer this as it helps in the building of muscles and increasing strength.

Then, there are those classified according to the flavours and sweeteners used. You don’t have to worry about those ingredients affecting the quality of the protein powder as the only thing they change is the taste. Artificial flavouring and sweeteners allow the manufacturers to expand the choices to better the chances of you finding the one you like.

The cost is difficult to compare among protein powders. With plenty of mixtures available and enhancers incorporated into them, it is sometimes not worth the time to be nitpicking so much on the price. To make good value of your money, buy the smallest size of the protein powder of your choice first. When you finally find the one you like, it is then that you buy the largest size available. It will save you both time and money.

The different kinds of protein powder from Supps are there to help you achieve your goals at the gym. Feel free to browse the extensive selection, and find the one that will best suit your needs.

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