4 Insider Tips for Succeeding in Divorce Court

4 Insider Tips for Succeeding in Divorce Court

2. Be careful about your emotions. If you cry in front of the judge,  the chances of gaining his sympathy may decrease.  In fact, there is a good chance he may think you are lying. The most important thing that you could have is confidence when going through a divorce. If you are strong and confident, the chances of things working out on your behalf increase significantly.

3. When you decide that you are going to be divorcing, it is important to keep a journal of everything that has gone on. This could be anything from when the kids went with their dad for the weekend to whether or not he picked them up from school when he promised that he would. If you have a journal, you will be able to take it with you to court so that you can refer back to any questions that the judge may have for you.

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