3 Ways To Rock Your End-Of-Summer Party

3 Ways To Rock Your End-Of-Summer Party

It’s almost September, but the days are still long and the nights are still warm – there’s plenty of time to throw a great outdoor party before summer is over!

Whether you’re having a small get-together or planning a huge event, these tips will help you to plan the best patio party on the block.

Fire Up The Grill

Make the most out of your grill and use it while the weather’s still nice – in winter you’ll be wishing you barbecued more. Barbecuing is great for a party of any size because it’s easy, you can cook a variety of things on the same grill, and everyone will want their turn behind the spatula, which means less work for you.

Be sure to plan for all your guests. If you’re having a really huge party, go potluck or hire a caterer – it’s supposed to be fun, so you shouldn’t stress over making a huge amount of food. Always provide a few vegetarian dishes and something simple, like hot dogs and macaroni, for any young kids.

If you need some ideas to get you started, Buzzfeed has a great list of unique dishes (many veggie-friendly!) that you can make on the grill.

Play On

Every party needs a killer soundtrack. It’s easy to just throw your iPod onto some speakers, but making a quick playlist will help to ensure that your top-secret One Direction collection doesn’t come on unexpectedly.

For larger parties, it might be more appropriate to hire a band. They’ll keep everyone dancing all night long. If you do decide to hire a band, it may also be a good idea to rent a tent. The band or DJ will appreciate this, as you will be keeping their equipment dry and safe from the elements. String up some lights and the party will continue even after the sun goes down.

Have Fun!

It can be stressful to organize a party, especially if you feel like you’re the only one doing any work. Enlist the help of some friends and have a glass of wine or beer while you set up, and above all, don’t worry too much! If you are nervous or tense, your guests will pick up on that and it will be hard for people to have a good time.

Your party should be carefree and fun! If something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world – you have your friends and loved ones around you, and they’re not going to think less of you for burning some food or not hanging enough decorations.

That is, unless you run out of drinks. This is a true party disaster, and your guests might riot. Be careful out there!

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